The Oderhaff is a shallow lagoon-like basin that acts as a buffer b The Oderhaff is a shallow lagoon-like basin that acts as a buffer between the Oder river discharge and the open Baltic Sea waters. Thus, the Oderhaff may be considered a model region to study physical, geological, geochemical, and ecological processes in the land-sea interaction zone. Besides the investigation of the Holocene geological development of the basin, we devoted special attention to the reconstruction and documentation of anthropogenic influences on the sedimentary deposits. The presentation includes information about effects of eutrophication on sediment quality and the degree of contamination with heavy metals and organic pollutants. Using mass balance calculations we determined an average residence time of heavy metals and organic contaminants of only 10 to 20 years in the Oderhaff. This implies, that the predominant amount of those substances already passed the lagoon into the open Baltic Sea since the beginning of anthropogenic pollution

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I had read that these cities were almost totally destroyed in the last months of World War II, and that there is little to see of their German heritage, but I found this to be far from true. In all these cities many fine German buildings and monuments have survived, or have been restored by the Poles. In presenting these photos and commentary, I make it clear that I have no sympathy with any residual German claims to these cities, which have been Polish for more than sixty years.

Dating life in Poland. Krakow or Szczecin. There are many minorities in larger cities, so it is easy to make a connection with your own nationals- use internet to search for info. Poland is a beautiful country and in my (and my British husband’s) opinion far better then the UK to raise young family.

Next year in Jerusalem. Postcard with greetings for the New Year that Miriam and Avraham-Simon Gorfinkel sent from Warsaw in the early ‘s to their son Schlomo and daughter-in-law Gitta who were living in Paris. The couple perished during the Holocaust. After the ghetto was closed in May , a systematic array of services was installed. Among them, a food supply department whose officials began to apportion the meager provisions, and public kitchens and distribution points for bread and other staples were set up.

This card apparently reflects one of those distribution points: The Hebrew inscription reads:

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The explosive cocktail that is Krakow’s nightlife: And where can you sample this heady and hedonistic brew? There’s no better place to start than in Krakow’s splendid Old Town where, underneath a faade of ancient architecture, are housed countless dens of vice and inequity all eager to cater for your ill-advised pleasure.

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The spear was more than a meter below the peat surface. Its shape resembles an elongated paddle blade. A very large section has been preserved, about 40 cm long and almost 10 cm wide. According to preliminary analysis, the object is made of ash wood – told PAP head of the excavations, Prof. The unique aspect of the find is the rich decoration on its outer, slightly convex side: Communities living in the Mesolithic period often adorned items they used.

In Europe there are known carvings made on various objects made of antlers and animal bones, wood, and rarely also on objects made of amber, flint and on stone pebbles.

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During the trip we tried to combine sight-seeing with relaxation and not running in a hurry from one place to another. The route distances and timing are calculated by GPS and are approximate, not including stops and visiting. For practical reasons the tour report consists of three parts, presented in separate chapters. Some history The history of settlement is dating back to the 7th — 6th centuries BC.

In 15th and 16th centuries it was the capital of the Duchy of Szczecin.

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Waldemar Boczar or ‘Magnet Man’ says he is able to harvest ‘scalar energy’ or the ‘energy of the universe’ to heal sick people is ‘a gift from the guardians of heaven’. The bizarre video shows Boczar, who lives in the town of Szczecin in north-western Poland, shirtless and having metal items thrown at his body by an unidentified woman until he turns to the camera and says: The two items appear to stick to his chest, a skill he says he discovered in when he started to notice that his body attracted metal and glass objects like a magnet.

Waldemar is now using his supposed energy to heal because he has ‘so much energy running through him that he is sure he can share it with others. Boczar first discovered his gift in when he began to attract small objects like, sunglasses, spoons and phones. Here, an iron appears to stick to him Waldemar said:

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The history of settlement is dating back to the 7 th – 6 th centuries BC. In the first historical Polish ruler Mieszko I incorporated Szczecin into Poland, but in .

Reduce font Default font Enlarge text Port of Szczecin has a history as old as the city itself. It is difficult to even determine if the port was created by the city or perhaps the city by the port. The early existence of the port is reflected in the Slavic boat wreck dating from the late ninth century. Furthermore, from the area of Szczecin are known boats made from a single trunk, which are years old.

In the early period of the early medieval city, the port was located on the left bank of the Oder River, in the bay near the borough, close to the residence of the Prince. The water depth at this point reached about 1.

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Bishop of Katowice ; In exile Under arrest by Polish Communist authorities Cardinal Glemp retains the title of Primate of Poland for his life; when he dies that authority shall return to Gniezno.

Nov 23,  · Nice city – typical Poland around! – Central Cemetery. Europe ; Poland ; Western One of the largest cemeteries in Europe dating back to when it was established. It is a place for people who are interested in nature (many rare species), landscape architecture and history of Szczecin and the area. it is a pity that some of TripAdvisor reviews.

The exhibition will also feature new graphic prints, created in collaboration with the New York-based artist Foxito. Magne, Martin and Jonas was at the gallery yesterday to meet the local press. The Pumphuset exhibition will be on display until 28 October. This exhibition presents a retrospective look at visual works, objects, books and films from the Apparatjik oeuvre.

Part of the exhibition is an experimental typographic poster wall by students of Prof. Using words and sentences from old newspaper articles about Julia Pastrana, the work creates a fresh portrait of the life and death of an exceptional woman. This composition is the result of an exceptional project carried out on 17th and 18th April in Szczecin. The city streets were cruised by specially marked cars equipped with devices collecting geodata from the streets, which were later transformed into binary codes, and these — into music codes.

It will be a unique opportunity to hear how Szczecin sounds. The story of a peculiar woman with a beard, her fate and loneliness, will be told by music and light images created jointly by Apparatjik, Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, as well as Concha Buika — a Spanish vocalist and composer. A video clip of Rune Bergmann and Magne talking about the upcoming Szczecin performance can be seen here.

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I had read that these cities were almost totally destroyed in the last months of World War II, and that there is little to see of their German heritage, but I found this to be far from true. In all these cities many fine German buildings and monuments have survived, or have been restored by the Poles. In presenting these photos and commentary, I make it clear that I have no sympathy with any residual German claims to these cities, which have been Polish for more than sixty years.

May 31,  · A beautiful resting place One of the largest cemeteries in Europe dating back to when it was established. A tranquil location with a huge variety of plant and wild life TripAdvisor reviews.

Located in east-central Europe, it is bordered to the east by Russia and the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Germany to the west, and the Baltic Sea to the north. Drained by the Vistula and Oder Rivers, Poland is a land of varied land-scape—from the central lowlands, to the sand dunes and swamps of the Baltic coast, to the mountains of the Carpathians to the south.

Its population of just over 38 million is largely homogeneous ethnically, religiously, and linguistically. Minority groups in the country include Germans, Ukrainians and Belarusans. Ninety-five percent of the population is Roman Catholic, and Polish is the national language. Warsaw, located in the central lowlands, is the nation’s capital. Poland’s national flag is bicolor: Polish Americans often display a flag similar to this with a crowned eagle at its center.

Migrations of these tribes resulted in three distinct subgroups:

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Print this map Poland In Prehistory Historians have recorded that in ancient times a variety of distinct tribal groups inhabited this land now called Poland. Primary among these were Slavic tribes. The Slavic tribes that he united to form Poland consisted of around a million people. It was further weakened by the wars waged by his sons against each other.

The Christian Crusades were a wide series of military campaigns fought across Europe.

This beautiful Polish bride took a little different tack than most girls on AnastasiaDate: she only put up one photo; but, wow, she makes those pixels count! The sea, the beautiful blue sky, those piercing blue eyes, her fabulous tan: I’m telling you, this translates to me as Poland’s version of.

Life in Poland — What is it like? Everyday life in Poland As an American who has spent a good part of his life in Poland I am a Polish citizen also I have a unique perceptive on life in Poland. I can see this better than a native Pole in some ways as I have something to compare it with. The bottom line here is life in American is easy but life in Poland is beautiful. Despite the fact that Poles love to complain and be contradictory and argue that things are wrong, the reality I think most of them in their hearts know how beautiful of a country it is.

The way I see Poland The first thing you will notice about Poland is life is sweeter. You do not make as much money or have all the niceties of living in the US or UK but life has a quality all its own. It is like living in another century. Life has a different feel to it that you can not describe. Yes, in the States we have more Playstation, but so what. It would be hard to argue life in Poland is anything but beautiful What I mean is there are just as many things in Poland as in the USA to buy and consume, however, the culture here is people would rather spend their time in a park reading a book than a mall.

People are much closer to their families and often live three generation in the same house.

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