Companion Planting What is Companion Planting? Companion planting is the practice of planting two or more types of plants close together for some kind of benefit, such as the control of pests, increased health and vigour, resistance to disease, or higher yields. Companion planting is also concerned with plants are detrimental to each other and must therefore be grown apart. How Does Companion Planting Work? There are several means by which companion planting works: Pests Repellent Properties Some plants exude chemicals from their roots, leaves or flowers that suppress or repel pests and protect neighbouring plants. This is a symbiotic relationship, as both the plant and the bacteria are benefited by this teamwork. The nitrogen that is fixed by legumes also benefits neighbouring plants Pest Decoys Trap Cropping A plant that is more attractive to pests can be planted nearby as a decoy.

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Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation Our second report, Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation, summarizes two years of GEF journey that involved hundreds of educational leaders on five continents. We identify focal points of systemic transformation that may bring education of the future into reality, and lay out the framework for education as a vehicle for intentional evolution of the humankind.

Agenda Our first report has been largely dedicated to various avenues of the transformation of educational systems that may come about through the extensive use of digital technologies.

Diane Moss, who lives in Mount Hope and is the director of the nonprofit Project New Village, was involved in bringing the Permaculture Academy to San Diego.

Please join us in giving them a warm welcome. I think that for most of us our homes are our sanctuaries and is the place that we return to at the end of the day, where we gather with family and friends, and where we invest an amazing amount of time in working to make it reflect who were are and how we like to live. I remember my mom suggesting that I look beyond the latches to make the decision, which I did, but all to say these little details are sometimes what hook us.

Ryan has been studying and practicing permaculture since when she and her husband Michael lived on a permaculture farm for a year. Their personal experience in searching for their own permaculture homestead was their catalyst for getting into the real estate business. While all real estate is about finding the right fit for both seller and buyer, they realized that there are types of properties, particularly agricultural ones, where stewardship plays a key role in the transfer of such a property.

Ryan received her PDC in at Colby Sawyer College and then went on to take numerous permaculture courses ranging from urban permaculture design to regenerative wasteland ecosystems in Haiti. Throughout this process of continuing education she and Michael realized that real estate affects all of us and there was an enormous opportunity to found a real estate practice on the ethics of permaculture.

The Hvizda Team has been practicing real estate for three years, getting their start deeply rooted in community and ethics grounded in permaculture. There are three main principals in permaculture: There is a lot of information about permaculture available- in fact, too much to share here. However, we will share a few key elements that are important to Ryan and The Hvizda Team.

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Keep the fuel tank full: People look at me funny when I mention this: Whenever possible, keep that gas tank full.

Permaculture; Transformational Travel; Why Intentional Travel Might Just Change Your Life. Since late , I’ve spent about a third of my time traveling the world solo. It began with walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage through Spain, and led to a couple extended travel tours through Central America. Throughout, NuMundo has provided a.

May 23, , noon Fruitdale Grange, Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass, OR Overview All over our state and country there are disasters that happen—fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, blizzards and even occasional dislocations of essential food and water due to economic disasters. In order to encourage greater preparedness here in Josephine County, the Fruitdale Grange is hosting a Disaster Preparedness Planning Conference this Spring, before fire season.

We invite all governmental and other organizations to attend, such as: We will encourage all to frame the dialogue positively as exploring disaster risks, identifying greatest unmet needs and how we can work together to augment existing plans and develop greater regional preparedness. We envision a matchmaking format wherein government agencies briefly state what they need help with and non-profits, stores, churches and service organizations state what they can help with.

We look forward to working with all of you. Please RSVP to help us plan for the space, with your name, organization and how many people will be attending to Jerry Allen at jerryallengitfiddler gmail. Send any questions to the same email address.

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Courses and Apprenticeships Smallholding Nourish Scotland have just been funded to run a six month vocational training and work placement programme for new entrants wanting to develop their food growing, local marketing and small business skills. Designing Sustainability Gaia Education is running an online course on the social, worldview, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability.

Shift Bristol run a course in Practical Sustainability. This year long course gives an in-depth understanding of where are and where we’re going in relation to sustainability, and what we can do to create positive, practical solutions.

Growing much of her family’s food and teaching permaculture classes keeps Cindee Karns plenty busy. Permaculture principals—caring for the earth, caring for people .

However, serious always a for dire destruction — meteors, earthquakes, world wide famine or floods. In case you to be able to prepare for your inevitable you will need to think foreseeable future years, decades of survival. The only survivors will work as well prepared people. But beyond of earth will collapse. At least this is the way you must think.

Sometimes you can catch fish together with your bare power.

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Commuter campaigns increasing carpooling through efforts like ride-share, car-share or public transit support. Cooperative ownership creating community or member-owned clean energy products and services, businesses and jobs. Energy audits identifying how energy efficient buildings are, and then prioritizing those improvements that promise the most return on investment. Or conducting an inventory of energy consumption for a building or set of buildings using specifically designed software and setting a reference year.

No idling raising awareness about and reducing pollution from idling vehicles.

It’s usually at that point that I wave the debts, from all of their previous matchmaking, in their faces. They all quiet down, quite immediately. No one in this world has your “best interests at heart,” but you.

Sharing resources, knowledge, ownership and wealth creation. While wealth creation may be part of the process, it is not an end in itself. Promoting systemic social change is the real objective. Positive impacts Deliver positive societal e. Lean manufacturing is a well-established philosophy that identifies and seeks to minimise waste in production processes. Waste in this context is not only seen in the physical waste materials and waste energy, but also in over-production, materials handling, over-processing, inventory, defects and rework.

Toyota Performance at each stage The Toyota Production System TPS is a integrated socio-technical system, developed by Toyota, that comprises its management philosophy and practices. The main objectives of the TPS are to design out overburden muri and inconsistency mura , and to eliminate waste muda. There are seven kinds of muda that are addressed in the TPS: The underlying principles, called the Toyota Way, have been outlined by Toyota as follows: Continuous improvement Respect for people, Long-term philosophy The right process will produce the right results Add value to the organization by developing your people and partners Continuously solving root problems drives organizational learning Nike Flyknit More haste, less waste In , Nike introduced the Nike Flyknit technology.

The technology precisely engineers yarns and fabric variations only where they are needed for a featherweight, formfitting and virtually seamless upper. The breakthrough knits in all the structure and support into one layer with precise integration of support, flexibility and breathability. Nike worked on the technology for four years.

Courses and Apprenticeships

Paul Wheaton Permaculture ReviewsPaul Wheaton Permaculture Reviews Food storage is really a primary focus ladies are constructing a critical preparedness kit. When you purchase the food you’ll be packing – freeze dried food, canned goods and packed emergency food supplies – you’ll need to accomplish the best way to maintain them. Read on to find out how to choose the right food storage containers fulfill your needs.

Permaculture makes even deserts green Fruit trees bloom, native and honey bees, medley of medicinal herbs, restored wetlands teeming with fish, dragonflies, bugs and native waterfowl; rich gardens, pastures and orchards surround our natural home with its cutting edge energy and water management design.

The goal was to enable the gathering of worldwide innovators, who each presented their work in a 2min pitch to the others in a round circle, and then to identify potential collaboration opportunities with each other. Sokha worked with this team on the implementation of a digital prototype tool using Microsoft Access database to enable the follow up of the interactions that were initiated or wished, between all present stakeholders.

Sokha was welcomed by the famous environmental filmmaker John Denis Liu and his daughter Serene Liu, engaged in raising awareness amongst citizens regarding climate change through documentaries. This is when it became obvious that there was a deep need for social innovators and stakeholders who strive for a common goal, to better know one another, value their collective experience and knowledge to counteract climate change, and grasp more opportunities for collaboration.

And this with the aim to join forces and increase their collective impact. Back from Peru, the work started immediately to build the founding blocks of OpenTeam. The goal was to grow each project by mutualizing forces, visions, solutions and innovations. The event brought together social innovators from France and Europe, and was self-financed by the registration.

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