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July 18, August McLaughlin August McLaughlin is a certified nutritionist and health writer with more than nine years of professional experience. A plate of grilled salmon with herbs and vegetables. Seizures vary in severity, ranging from staring blankly ahead for a few seconds to full convulsions. Approximately 1 in people in the United States have epilepsy, according to MayoClinic.

In addition to medical treatments, such as anticonvulsant medications and, in some cases, surgery, a healthy diet can enhance your overall wellness and potentially reduce epileptic symptoms. Video of the Day Meat and Seafood Meat and seafood are rich sources of protein and nutrients that support your immune system, such as zinc. Meat and seafood are also naturally devoid of carbohydrates.

A popular dietary technique used to treat epilepsy involves a ketogenic diet, in which you consume primarily protein, fats and limited amounts of carbohydrates. Without ample glucose, which you reap from carbohydrates, your body will begin to convert stored fat into energy. A ketogenic diet can help reduce or eliminate seizures, according to the Epilepsy Foundation of America, though doctors remain unsure as to why. Once your doctor approves a ketogenic diet, each of your plates should contain roughly 80 percent protein.

Choose high-quality protein sources most often, which include lean red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, such as shrimp, scallops and lobster. Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables provide rich amounts of antioxidants — nutrients that support your body’s ability to defend itself from disease. Research published in “Clinica Chimica Acta” in January showed a correlation between antioxidant deficiencies and epileptic seizures.

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The Togo Starburst Tarantula, whose venom is being used to treat a rare form of epilepsy. Bastian Rast Professor King’s team aren’t the only ones racing toward commercialisation. These diseases result from a confused immune system attacking the body’s own tissue.

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More rarely, loud noises or surprises can trigger a seizure. Are you having a fit? Epileptic seizures vary from a tiny flutter of the eyelids or a momentary lapse in concentration to a convulsive seizure. A generalised seizure is the most common type. It affects both sides of the brain and can cause jerking limbs but it can also make a person’s arms and legs suddenly go limp or stiff. This type of seizure may also include screaming and swearing.

Weighing up your options Once diagnosed with epilepsy, a patient will be given medication to try. This treatment controls seizures in up to 65 per cent of patients. Often it’s a matter of trial and error to find the best drugs. Surgery For some patients medication is ineffective and surgery can be a solution. However, there are risks, including stroke, loss of feeling in limbs, memory loss – even death.

The procedure, a “temporal lobule lobotomy”, involves removing the part of the brain causing the epileptic symptoms. The success rate in suitable patients is around 80 per cent. Chest implants There is another less risky operation known as “vagus nerve stimulation” in which an implant similar to a pacemaker is placed in the chest.

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Infections[ edit ] Infection with the pork tapeworm , which can cause neurocysticercosis , is the cause of up to half of epilepsy cases in areas of the world where the parasite is common. In Nigeria this is on of the most common causes of seizures among children under 5 years of age. Severity, duration, and time at which stress occurs during development all contribute to frequency and susceptibility to developing epilepsy.

It is one of the most frequently self-reported triggers in patients with epilepsy.

 · For people with epilepsy, abnormal activity in the brain leads to seizures. While many people with epilepsy can control those seizures with medication, those unpredictable and involuntary changes in behavior and consciousness can be limiting for ://

So, you can imagine what a disaster dating was. Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I would never tell my dates that I had epilepsy. Bad idea… For example, I was lusting to go out with Ricky Schwabacker for 2 years. I mean, he was a big-time senior and I was just a lowly sophomore. Everybody sat in a circle and smoked dope. Then a very stoned Ricky and his friend sat down to play chess.

They thought I was dead. So, they decided to just sit it out until they figured out a plan.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionEmotional plea to allow medical cannabis for Alfie Requests for a medical cannabis licence to help a boy whose rare form of epilepsy improved after taking the drug have been denied by the Home Office. Six-year-old Alfie Dingley, from Kenilworth in Warwickshire, suffers up to 30 violent seizures a day.

His parents want to treat him with medical cannabis oil, which is illegal in the UK. The Home Office said the drug “cannot be practically prescribed, administered or supplied to the public”. A spokesperson added that it can only be used for research. Alfie’s mother, Hannah Deacon, said “you’ve got to fight for your kids, I want to know that I’ve done everything I can”. Members of the all-party parliamentary group APPG on drug policy reform is calling on the government to assist with Alfie’s plight.

She said that while there, the medication, prescribed by a paediatric neurologist, saw his seizures reduce in number, duration and severity. At one point while in the UK, Alfie had 3, seizures and 48 hospital visits in a year, but while abroad he went 24 days without a single attack. He’s just a six-year-old boy, he deserves a happy life.

We’ve found something that makes him happy and now we’ve got to take that away. He’s held down and injected,” she said.

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We understand that for those affected by epilepsy, it can be comforting to read the stories of other people who understand what you are going through. In addition to our fantastic guest bloggers, we thought we would share with you some other epilepsy bloggers who we think you would be interested in following. Read on to find out more about their inspirational stories… Upon a Sunshine Louise Glover is a young blogger with epilepsy, she has absence seizures and myoclonic jerks.

She is determined not to let her epilepsy define her and prevent her from living life to the full! She writes about her experiences being a young person with epilepsy including travelling with epilepsy and being a student with epilepsy. You can also download her epilepsy planner and seizure tracker to help monitor your epilepsy.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email An epilepsy drug could be used to treat a form of dwarfism, a new study by North East scientists has suggested. Carbamazepine, which is used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, has been shown in lab tests to significantly improve bone growth impaired by a form of dwarfism. Their findings have been published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Newcastle Chronicle MCDS leads to skeletal dysplasia, commonly referred to as dwarfism, where patients are often short in stature with unusual limb proportions. There is no current treatment for this condition. The research team discovered in lab and mouse studies that the drug carbamazepine, already approved for treating conditions such as epilepsy and bi-polar disease, can significantly reduce the effects of MCDS.

Read More Our research in the North East could save thousands of lives – and here’s the proof And that has opened up the possibility of human trials, which will take place at the end of this year. There was also a reduction in hip dysplasia or misalignment, a common feature of MCDS. The researchers believe the effect occurs as the drug degrades the mutant forms of collagen X.

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At a glance Cannabis and the law “We still need more research, but this new trial provides more evidence than we have ever had of cannabidiol’s effectiveness as a medication for treatment-resistant epilepsy. Seizure frequency was tracked for a month prior to the study, and during the course of the study. Specifically, seizure frequency dropped in the CBD-treated group by 39 per cent from a median of nearly 12 convulsive seizures per month before the study to around six; three patients’ seizures stopped entirely.

In the placebo group, there was a 13 per cent reduction in seizures from about 15 monthly seizures to

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An instructional video about epileptic seizures A still image of a generalized seizure A bite to the tip of the tongue due to a seizure Epilepsy is characterized by a long-term risk of recurrent seizures. An example of this type is the absence seizure , which presents as a decreased level of consciousness and usually lasts about 10 seconds.

A cry may be heard due to contraction of the chest muscles, followed by a shaking of the limbs in unison clonic phase. Tonic seizures produce constant contractions of the muscles. A person often turns blue as breathing is stopped. In clonic seizures there is shaking of the limbs in unison. When it occurs it typically lasts for seconds to minutes but may rarely last for a day or two. These include depression , anxiety , obsessive—compulsive disorder OCD , [40] and migraine.

Causes of seizures Epilepsy can have both genetic and acquired causes, with interaction of these factors in many cases. There appears to be a specific syndrome which includes coeliac disease, epilepsy and calcifications in the brain.

Epilepsy: What to Know